Statements Tanguy Veys about Anders Behring Breivik

Tanguys Veys, a Belgian MP for the far-Right, anti-Muslim Vlaams-Belang party who received the document, said “at least a quarter” of recipients were UK-based, with the rest in Europe and the US. He said he had never been in contact with Breivik.

The Telegraph 26 July 2011


to Tanguy Veys MP for the rightwing anti-Muslim party Vlaams Belang, –
and one of those who received the document – approximately a quarter of
those on the email list were UK-based. “I think the UK was the biggest group [of recipients],” he told the Guardian last night. “There were people from Italy, France Germany … but the UK was the biggest number.” […] Veys said he had not had any contact with Breivik and condemned his actions. “Looking
through this it seems very difficult to find a criteria for who he sent
it to … it is very strange and I am cross I have been associated with
him in any way.

The Guardian 26 July 2011


Belgique, Tanguy Veys, député du Vlaams Belang, le parti flamand
d’extrême droite, est l’un des destinataires européens du texte de
Breivik. “Je n’ai jamais eu de contact avec lui“, confie le parlementaire européen au “Je
ne suis pas fier d’avoir reçu son mail, et j’ai même été choqué”,
poursuit-il. Néanmoins, l’élu, dont le parti stigmatise régulièrement
les musulmans, s’il ne partage pas les idées radicales de Breivik,
affirme juste “être en accord avec quelques analyses, mais totalement
opposé à ses conclusions. Et encore, ses analyses sont plagiées chez
d’autres auteurs, notamment nord-américains
“, précise le député. “Je
n’ai pas de problème avec la religion en tant que telle, mais je suis
opposé à la progression de l’influence de l’islam en Europe. D’autant
que les valeurs européennes s’opposent à certains de ces préceptes
“, souligne-t-il. Bon citoyen, le député belge a transmis
l’e-mail qu’il a reçu d’Anders Behring Breivik à la police. La liste des
contacts est donc désormais en possession des enquêteurs du plat pays.

Le Point 27 juillet 2011


Oslo killer’s identity has embarrassed nationalist parties outside
Norway, such as the Flemish Vlaams Belang. Tanguy Veys represents the
group in the Belgian parliament. Like many others, he received Breivik’s
manifesto by email. “I had never had contact with him or with people like him or organizations, it was the first time that he mailed to me,” says the MP. “So
I looked to it, his manifesto, and I saw what his intentions were but
of course, too late. I’m a politician of Vlaams Belang,
right-conservative, and we have also a strong point of view about Islam.
But we have never spoken about violence, about taking rights in your
own hands.

Euronews 27 July 2011


right-wing Belgian politician said Wednesday he was shocked and
dismayed to learn he had been sent an email by the perpetrator of the
Norway massacre shortly before a powerful bomb exploded in Oslo. Tanguy
Veys, a member parliament for the anti-immigration Belgian Vlaams Belang
party, said Wednesday he had never met nor even heard of Anders Behring
Breivik, who has admitted carrying out the bombing and shootings that
killed at least 76 people in Norway. So receiving the email was a
setback, he said. “I was connected with a terrorist act, and I didn’t want to be connected with a terrorist act,
Veys said. The email, with Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto of three
books attached, was sent Friday, about 90 minutes before the bomb went
off. Veys said the email — written in English — went to about 1,000
addresses. […] Veys’ party says there’s been enough immigration in
Belgium and it needs to be strictly limited. It also says immigrants
already in the country should be enticed to return to their country of
origin. “I think Europe — we have Jewish and Christian roots. These
are our origins. I see that Islam is not compatible with the origins of
” he said Wednesday. But he said his party was dismayed to have found itself as one of the recipients of Breivik’s email. “We
have never called up for violence, and certainly what happened in
Norway we deeply regret what happened over there. You can’t defend it,
you can’t even sympathize with his motivation, with his action,

Veys said. He said he thought Breivik was deranged and had acted alone.
Yet he feared the debate on immigration might now be viewed through the
lens of Breivik’s murders. “Even now I read in the articles: the bullets came from the right,” Veys said. “I
think people still must be able to criticize multiculturalism, to
criticize the growth of Islam in Europe but without (others) saying,
‘But you are causing the violence.

The Washington Post 27 July 2011


parliamentarian Tanguy Veys, who received an email from Mr. Breivik on
Friday afternoon with the manifesto attached, said he was shocked by the
events. “We talk about the same issues, but his solutions are totally deranged,” Mr. Veys said.

The Wall Street Journal 27 July 2011

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